Your experts with global reach

Your experts with global reach

Utilize our network and insider knowledge

We operate from Germany, Switzerland, Austria for Dubai, Kosovo, and the global market


SF Business Agent act as your central contact for global trade, with a strong focus on Europe.

Innovative and Cross-Border Business Agent, as indispensable business agents for Europe, connect businesses and customers. Particularly in Germany, we have established ourselves as Business Agent who not only operate locally but also internationally. We, as Business Agent for Germany, offer unique opportunities for companies by connecting the right products and services with the appropriate markets.

Quality and Reach Similarly, in Austria, where we occupy a central position. We are known for exporting high-quality products and services from Austria to different parts of the world. This shows how we, as Austrian Business Agents, think and act beyond national borders.

Innovation and Global Expansion In Switzerland, known for its innovation and economic stability, we play an equally important role for Switzerland. We are often the driving force behind the successful expansion of Swiss products and services into new markets.

Global Perspectives Dubai and Kosovo:
What makes us unique is our commitment beyond Europe. Especially in Dubai and Kosovo, we, Business Angels from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, have made significant progress. We have not only supported local companies there but also expanded the international reach of European products and services.

Global Business Opportunities:
Discover a world full of business opportunities with us as your Business Agent, perfectly matching your criteria. Benefit from our network and insider knowledge to find the best deals and products. Our expertise as trade representatives guarantees you a careful selection tailored to your specific needs.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Real Estate: Dubai and Albania
Besides trade, we offer you exclusive opportunities in the real estate sector. Whether you want to acquire a property in Dubai or on the picturesque beaches of Albania, ‘SF Business Agent’ is your trustworthy partner. We leverage our local knowledge and network to present you with the best real estate offers in these coveted locations.


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We connect the right goods and products with suitable customers

As Business Agentd, we specialize in connecting the right goods and products with suitable customers. Whether it’s about exporting products abroad or importing them to Europe – we establish ideal connections to maximize your business success.

How can I use your services?2023-11-30T08:29:58+01:00

To use my services, simply fill out the contact form on this page or send an enquiry using the ‘Enquire now with no obligation’ button. I will then contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs.

In which regions are you active?2023-11-30T08:29:46+01:00

We are mainly active in Dubai and Kosovo, but we also support clients looking for business opportunities and products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What are the costs for your services?2023-11-30T08:36:08+01:00

We offer our services at very favourable conditions until we conclude a suitable contract with a company or supplier for you. Our aim is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How do your services differ from those of other investors?2024-04-23T17:34:33+02:00

Unlike traditional investors, who may only have a financial interest, our focus is on building partnership relationships. We focus on connecting the right businesses with each other. We specialise in connecting the right goods and products with the right customers. Our expertise lies in exporting products abroad or importing them into Europe to create customised solutions for our customers. We are committed to researching and reviewing these products and businesses together to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of our customers before any financial commitment is made.

What exactly do you do as business agents?2024-04-23T17:34:18+02:00

We are experts in connecting the right businesses. Instead of investing directly in start-ups, we focus on connecting the right goods and products with the right customers, whether by exporting abroad or importing into Europe. We bring valuable industry experience, advice and contacts to make these connections possible. As your business angels, we focus on providing your company with the right resources and networks to foster not only growth but also successful business connections.

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